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Hello dears.

I usually keep the digital layout as a quick page, if I don't plan to change it again in the future. It really saves hard drive space on your computer. See the difference?

For this tutorial I used my kit ''A day outside: riding club''.

STEP 1. Prepare your layout to storage. Delete wordart and title layers, so you can replace them in the future by the other one (optional).

STEP 2. Wordstrips - stay or leave?

 - Don't you plan to change them? Ok, leave them on your page.

- Do you plan to change them? Completely delete them from your page or replace with the blank strips (see the next step).

STEP 3. Replace the wordstrips with the blank strips.

- Create a new layer named ''blank strip 1''. Be sure that it's placed above the wordstrip layer.

- Be sure that the ''blank strip 1'' layer is active now. CTRL+click on layer with original wordstrip (you create a selection, shown by the dotted lines).

- Fill the selection with the color of original wordstrip (use (I) Eyedropper tool).

- Press CTRL+D to unselect.

- Repeat with all wordstrip layers.

STEP 4. Merge all layers below your photo. You will get 1 layer (I renamed it as ''merged layers''). Be sure that it is active now.

- CTRL+click on layer with your photo (you create a selection, shown by the dotted lines).

- Press DELETE.

- Press CTRL+D to unselect.

- Delete layer with photo.


STEP 5. Select all layers and merge them (CTRL+E). Save as PNG. Done!

I hope this tutorial helps you.

X.O., your Olesya


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