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Hello dears.

Most of you know very well the difference between physical and digital pocket (journal) cards. Of course there are pros and cons of each, but I give all my love to the digital pocket cards, which I often use in my hybrid projects. And here are 5 reasons for this.

You get your cards directly after purchasing. You can buy them online from anywhere in the world, and a few minutes later they will receive them to your computer. You just need to open the file, print and cut your cards. No need to wait for the delivery, which takes sometimes even weeks. And no delivery fees!

You pay once, but can print and use the digital cards as many times as you want; where physical cards can only be used in one project. For each next project you have to purchase the new set of cards.

When you work with physical cards, you sometimes have some of them, which you can't use for some reasons. They don't match by style or by color or by function or by something else. Or you just don't like some of them. When you use digital pocket cards, you can print exactly those cards, which you need. Do you need more story cards, ok! Do you need an extra color card, no problem! Combine them in your own PDF file, print, cut and enjoy.

When I purchase the physical cards, I need to think about all these details like size, color sheme etc. before I pay. It's going easier with digital cards. Before printing, in Photoshop I can play with size and shape, even change the colors of cards. By printing I can also choose the type of paper, which will work better for my project. I usually print all stuff on Epson Matte Archival paper.

Physical cards can be used in physical projects only. Digital cards can be used either in physical or digital projects. They are absolutely versatile in use.

X.O., your Olesya

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