Pocket life kits

Everything, what you need to create your storybook month by month. Available in my Oscraps store.

Digital pocket cards

Digital pocket cards for your digital projects are available in my Oscraps store.

Start now with free stuff

Start your first pocket scrapbooking project with free set of pocket cards and free project life templates.

About pocket scrapbooking

The traditional scrapbookers create their layout adding photos, papers and various elements.  Pocket scrapbooking makes memory keeping fast, simple, and easy.  You can organize your photos daily, weekly or monthly.

If you prefer physical pocket scrapbooking, you need plastic page protectors with individual pockets of standard size. Simply insert your photos and pocket  cards. You can buy ready-to-use cards or print them by yourself.  No glue required!

I like to use the digital way. I create my pages in Photoshop, than print them in a photobook at the end of the year. The easiest way to start is with using a pocket scrapbooking template.  Add photos, pocket cards, patterned papers, journaling etc. to the template, save and print. Vuala!

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