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Birthday party 2021

Hello dears.

Thank you very much for joyning my party. I had really amazing Birthday. And now to the winner!

I choosed the winner of Win your wish randomly. Here is the list of participants:

  1. Grace (Chapter 1 Full kit)
  2. Pam (SushiCo)
  3. Vickie (Last night of the summer Collection)
  4. Gala (Spring essentials)
  5. Sherry (Chapter 10 Full kit)
  6. Margaret (Nature heals)
  7. Gala (Chapter 8 Extras)
  8. Gala (Chapter 2 Full kit)
  9. Gala (Be merry Full kit) - winner #1 (present has been sent)
  10. Carol (Last night of the summer Collection)
  11. Rarole (December 25 Full collection)
  12. Genie (The young naturalist club Full kit)
  13. Genie (Hooked Full kit)
  14. Genie (Wild forest Full kit)
  15. Anonymus (Take me home Full kit)
  16. Anonymous (Grape garden Full kit)
  17. Rabecca (Merry and bright Bundle)
  18. Rabecca (Chapter 5 Full collection)
  19. Rabecca (Be merry Full collection)
  20. Rabecca (Country living Collection)
  21. Rabecca (Hooked Collection)
  22. Rabecca (Summer camp Collection)
  23. Rabecca (Garden journal Collection)
  24. Rabecca (Someday at Christmas Collection)
  25. Rabecca (I'll be home for Christmas Collection)
  26. Rabecca (Meet me by the sea Collection)
  27. Rabecca (Under the Christmas tree Collection)
  28. Elaina (A day outside October)
  29. Elaina (A day outside April)
  30. Sherry (Chapter 6 Full kit) - winner #2 (present has been sent)
  31. Biche57 (A day outside Bundle)

A great news! I picked 2 winners insted of 1 ? These are the numbers 9 and 30.

Congratulations to Gala and Sherry. Please mail me to get your gifts.

I'm turning 42. It was very difficult year because of covid and all these restrictions, which we had and still have in Germany. I hope that the best times will come soon. I'm an optimist and believe that everything will be ok. My birthday is December 21, but this year I really need a very big celebration. That's why my party starts right now and will wunning until next Sunday. One week of joy, happiness and fun.

And now let's celebrate my birthday!


Please note, that the sale using any of coupons will be not accepted by bundle #4, because the price is already reduced by 80%.


This is the birthday of our daughter, which we celebrated December 1. Look how beautiful these pocket cards work with birthday photos!



Choose your favorite product from my store, post the link as a comment to this thread. Feel free to post as many products as you'd like for more chances, but 1 product per comment please. Win your wish is running until December 26.

X.O., your Olesya


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