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Hello dears.

Thank you very much for joyning my party. I had really amazing Birthday. And now to the winner!

I choosed the winner of Win your wish randomly. Here is the list of participants:

  1. Lou (Somewhere beyond the sea)
  2. Felis (Free spirit - part 1)
  3. Nish (Till the end of time - collection)
  4. Mary Anne (Farm to table)
  5. Mary Anne (Grape garden)
  6. Margaret (Nature heals)
  7. Grace (Farm to table) - winner #1 (present has been sent)
  8. Anonymous (Somewhere beyond the sea)
  9. Rabecca (Be merry)
  10. Rabecca (Hooked)
  11. Rabecca (All I want for Christmas)
  12. Shaindel (Somewhere beyond the sea)
  13. Shaindel (My inner child) - winner #2
  14. Elaina (Be merry - extras)
  15. Gala (Fall stories - extras)
  16. Anonymous (Fall stories - kit)
  17. Gala (Pretty pansy)
  18. Felis (Happy family)
  19. Sherry (Emotions - full pack)
  20. Sherry (My inner child)
  21. Sherry (Wild forest - collection)

A great news! I picked 2 winners insted of 1 🙂 These are the numbers 7 and 13.

Congratulations to Grace and Shaindel. Please mail me to get your gifts.


I'm turning 41 and I'm happy. Every year my life gets better. I'm very grateful for my health, my family and friends and for the opportunity to do what I really love. It's a good reason to make a birthday party, doesn't it?

So let's celebrate!

I have 40% off sale in my store between 21-22 December. Don't miss! Good news for blog subscribers. You are getting a coupon with an extra 20% discount. Please check your emails.

Choose your favorite product from my store, post the link as a comment to this thread. Feel free to post as many products as you'd like for more chances, but 1 product per comment please. Hurry up! Win your wish is running until 23. December only!!!

And now enjoy this mini kit!

X.O., your Olesya


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